Effects of various inhibitors on conidial germination

Addition ofConidial swelling, nuclear reorganizationHyphal growth
No treatment++++++
Cycloheximide (2 mg/ml)
Cytochalasin D (25 μg/ml)+++ (swollen)
Benomyl (25 μg/ml)+++ (swollen)
Hydroxyurea (50 mm)+++ (swollen)
Actinomycin D (25 μg/ml)+++
  • Inhibitors were added to fresh FGSC4 or GR5 conidia in rich medium and incubated for 14 hr at 37°. Cells were fixed, DAPI stained, and analyzed microscopically. +++ , ++, and + indicate that >90, μ60, or 30% of spores, respectively, underwent this stage in germination. − indicates that no spores underwent this stage.