Summary of ami1-1 phenotypic defects and complementation (no complementation) by apsA-1

Fungal structures or eventsami1-1ami1-1 (apsA1)
Mycelial filamentsNuclei clusteredNuclei clustered
Microconidia0.1% nucleate3% nucleate
Beak paraphysaeAnucleate apical cellsbPartly restored
CroziersSome uninucleatecSome uninucleate
Postmeiotic nuclear distributionAbnormal in 36–38% ascidAbnormal in 20–25% ascid
  • a In strains carrying both mating types in the same nucleus: ami1-1 mat+ (mat−) vs. ami1-1 (apsA-1) mat+ (mat−).

  • b Maternal effect.

  • c In crosses: ami1-1 mat+ (mat−) × ami1+ mat− vs. ami1-1 (apsA-1) mat+ (mat−) × ami1+ mat−.

  • d In ami1-1 or ami11 (apsA-1) × ami1+ crosses.