Precision of QTL position estimates with varying effective population sizes

Bracket size (cM):Hp (Ne)bHp(100)b
Ne = 2000.640.600.440.700.600.44
  • The fraction of the replicated simulations, where the estimate of the QTL position was in the correct bracket or in a bracket next to the correct bracket, is shown. The effective size of the population is varied; the number of generations since the mutation at the QTL occurred is 100 or 1030; and the frequency of the QTL in the last generation was >0.1.

  • a In this case, there are 1000 generations at Ne =1000 and the last 30 generations are at Ne = 100, which may be realistic for livestock populations.

  • b Hp(x) denotes that the matrix of (co)variances of haplotype effects is estimated assuming an effective size of x.