Phenotypes of the mutant mice described in this study

eyeless whiteMitfmi-ewNormalWhite coat, eyes almost absent, eyelids never openMiner (1968); Wood and Miner (1969)
enu198Mitfmi-enu198Slightly reduced retinal pigmentationWhite coat, minor microphthalmia, unpigmented eyesThis article
defective irisMitfmi-diReduced retinal pigmentationWhite coat, eyes of reduced size and unpigmented. Mild osteopetrosis?West et al. (1985)
Mitfmi-ceNormalWhite coat, eyes of reduced size and unpigmentedZimring et al. (1996)
white spotMitfmi-wsWhite spot on belly; toes and tail often whiteWhite coat, eyes pink but of near normal sizeMiller (1963)
black and white spotMitfmi-bwsNormalWhite spots, black eyesThis article
x39Mitfmi-x39Slightly reduced retinal pigmentationWhite spots, somewhat reduced eye sizeThis article