Effects of duplications of Hmrmel on embryonic viability

CrossFractionNo. dead eggs
melf cv v f; Dp(1;2)v+75d/+ − maur Synth.10/1021.9 ± 9.5
mely2 cv vf; Dp(1;2)v+75d/ + × mel Or-R10/1020.3 ± 13.5
mel y2 cv v f × maur Synth.6/150.53 ± 0.74
  • “Fraction” is the proportion of crosses that produced any lethal embryos. Last column gives the mean ± standard deviation number of lethal embryos seen in each cross. Data were taken only from those crosses that were successful (i.e., that later produced larvae, showing that females had been inseminated). Lethal embryos were counted on days 5-7.