Interaction of mod(mdg4)neo129 and mutations in other trx group genes in homeotic transformation

GenotypeHomeotic transformation of A5 to A4a
modmdg4)neo129/ +0.2
Df(3R)redtrx/ +0.4
Df(3R)redtrx mod(mdg4)neo129/ +3.1
brm2/ +0.1
Df(3R)redtrx mod(mdg4)neo129/brm23.7
E(var)3–401 / +0.1
E(var)3–401 mod(mdg4)neo129/ +2.1
  • a Homeotic transformation of A5 to A4 in males was determined by artibrary units (materials and methods); 0, no transformation; 6, complete transformation.