Binding sites of Mod(mdg4)-58.0 on polytene chromosomes

X2B, 4C, 5A, 15C, 20
2L22C, 28C, 30A
2R42A, 42E, 47F, 48AB, 48F, 50A, 50D, 51C, 53F, 54A, 54C, 55F, 56E, 57D, 59A, 60A, 60E, 60F
3L63B, 63EF, 64D, 64F, 66A7, 68C, 70F, 72D, 74EF, 75B
3R84A, 84B, 84E, 84F, 89B, 90A, 93A, 94A, 97D, 99F
  • a Three types of signals are differentiated. Italic, prominent signals; underlined, regular, less strong signals; all other signals, weak and not found in all nuclei.