Sequence similarities between tra-2 homologues

Sequence pairAmino acid identity (%)Coding sequence nucleotide identity (%)3′ UTR identitya (%)
elegans/ briggsae43.755.245.5
elegans/ remanei43.454.844.7
briggsae/ remanei49.957.448.8
  • a These values are only slightly higher than those obtained via aligning randomized versions of the UTR sequences, which ranged from 38 to 42% identity over three trials. A + U content was exceptionally high, ranging from 70.0 to 74.2%, with U being especially abundant in the sense strand. Of the 97 identities in the alignment of the 3′ UTRs from Ce-tra-2 and Cr-tra-2 (using the GAP program of the GCG Wisconsin Package), 63 were U residues. Similarly, 51 of 92 matches in Ce-tra-2 vs. Cr-tra-2 were U. Only the alignment of Cb-tra-2 and Cr-tra-2 3′ UTR sequences produces stretches of identities longer than 6 nt.