Effects of uvsB110 and musN227 mutations on induced mutagenesis

5-FOA-resistant colonies/106 survivors
StrainGenotypeControl+ MMS
A28Wild type0.76.9
AAS315uvsB110 musN22708.3
  • A total of 107 conidia were treated in 1 ml YGV containing 0.025% MMS for 30 min at 30°. Treated conidia were diluted and plated onto MNVUU + 5-FOA (to select for pyrimidine requiring mutants) and CM + Triton X-100 (to measure viability). After 3 days at 32°, the number of colonies on each plate was determined. The level of mutagenesis is expressed as the number of 5-FOA-resistant colonies/106 viable conidia plated. The mean number of surviving colonies on the CM + Triton X-100 plates ranged from 49 to 120. The data presented here are from one representative experiment. Three independent experiments were performed, and although there was variation in the specific values, the overall trends between the mutants were identical.