Mapping suppression by Hmr1 of male and female hybrid lethality, relative to a 9D marker

Male progenyFemale progeny
Temp.Relative viability ry+ a (%)No. of ry brothers for referenceRelative viability ry+ a (%)No. of ry sisters for reference
18°< 0.8127b114.3643
  • Progeny from the cross of y Hmr1 v/+ P{ry+t10.7 = hsP}22 +; ry females to D. simulans ryi83 males. A control cross of P{ry+t10.7 = hsP}22/FM7 females to D. simulans w501 males showed that the P-element insertion had no effect on hybrid viability. At 25°, 170 P{ry+t10.7 = hsP}22/Xsim and 142 FM7/Xsim hybrid females were obtained; many animals of both classes had morphological defects similar to those shown in Figure 2B.

  • a This value is equivalent to the map distance between Hmr and the P-element marker when the Hmr+ progeny (Hmr+/Ysim males or Hmr+/Xsim females) are fully lethal.

  • b Composed of 85 y v, 41 y+ v, and 1 y v+ males.

  • c No male progeny were recovered at 27°.

  • d Composed of two ry+ females, one of which was necrotic.