Plasmids used in this study

Yep242-μm plasmidCarlson and Botstein (1982)
pCF345bSIR1 genomic clone in Yep24
pCF337FKH1 genomic clone in Yep24
pCF341FKH1 genomic clone in Yep24
pSEY82-μm plasmidEmr et al. (1986)
pCF351SIR4 genomic clone in Yep24
pCF290bSIR4 in pRS416
pCF293bSIR3 genomic clone in Yep24
pCF462bSIR2 genomic clone in pSEY8
pCF399FKH2 in Yep24
pCF561FKH2 genomic clone in Yep24
pCF547FKH1-3xHA in pRS426
pCF665FKH2-3xHA in pRS426
pCF633CLB2 in pRS426
pCF587FKH1-GFP in pRS426
pCF480FKH1 in pRS426
pCF569FKH1DBDΔ in pRS426
pCF589FKH1dbdΔ-3xHA in pRS426
pCF574FKH1FKH2DBD in pRS426
pCF662FKH1FKH2DBD in pRS406
pRS416Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS426Sikorski and Hieter (1989)
  • a Unless noted, plasmids were from the laboratory collection or constructed during the course of this work.

  • b These plasmids were gifts from the laboratory of Jasper Rine.