Efficiency of integration by homologous recombination at the leu1-32 locus in the rhp57Δ strain

pJK148/pREP1 ratioaFold reduction
Strain0.25 μg5 μg0.25 μg5 μg
TMP701 (wildtype)0.260.721.01.0
TMP711 (rhp57Δ)0.0710.143.65.1
TMP712 (rhp51Δ)NDb0.024NDb31
  • a The efficiency of homologous recombination was assayed by measuring the ratio of Leu+ transformants by linearized pJK148 to those by intact pREP1 plasmid as described in materials and methods. Data represent the average of three experiments.

  • b Integration was not detected.