Recombinational parameters for S. pneumoniae and N. meningitidis

Ratio of recombinational to mutational events per 450-bp gene fragmentAverage size of recombinational replacementsAverage sequence diversity between parental molecules (%)Per site r/m parameter
S. pneumoniae~10:15–10 kb1.1~50:1
N. meningitidisa~5:15–10 kb4.4~00:1
  • The value of the meningococcal per site r/m parameter is slightly different from that given previously (>80:1) as in line with the criteria used here, we reassigned one SLV that differed as a single site as the result of recombination since the resulting allele was present within an unrelated isolate in the meningococcal MLST database.

  • a Feil et al. (1999).