Summary of the effects of various mutations in HDAC1 on viability and PEV in D. melanogaster

MutationaDominant effect on PEVHomozygous viabilityHeterozygous with Su(var) HDAC1s
P-1.8 P-element insert 1.8 kb 5′ to geneEnhancerViableModerate suppression of PEV
P-UTR P-element insert into the 5′ UTRNo effectLethalStrong semilethal; in rare survivors, PEV strongly suppressed
Su(var) HDAC1s point mutationsStrong supressorsLethalLethal
HDAC1def8 deletionNo effectLethalLethal
HDAC1def24 deletionNo effectLethalLethal
  • a For a complete description of mutations, see text.