Characterization of EcoRI restriction fragments from rye genomic clones

CloneBand size (kb)E3900 homologyD1100 homologyHybridization specificity
λGD1100-13.2+B specific
2.5+A + B
2.1+B specific
1.1a+B specific
A.GE3900-23.9a+B specific
2.7+B specific
2.1A + B
0.5+B specific
A.GE3900-46.5+A + B
3.9a+B specific
3.2+A + B
2.7+B specific
λGE3900-52.7+B specific
2.6+B specific
λGE3900-62.6+B specific
  • a Correspondence of bands to the predicted size of canonical B-chromosome-specific families.