fru-expressing neurons in the male and female CNS of wild-type and fruitless mutants: Numbers of neurons per hemi-CNS in wild-type and fru-mutant females labeled by in situ hybridization to P1 transcripts

Female genotypeGroup 1Groups 3–5Group 6
WT(4)32.3 ± 3.877.5 ± 4.423.8 ± 4.0
fru1(4)62.8 ± 7.787.3 ± 11.423.8 ± 3.6
fru2(3)41.5 ± 12.8105.3 ± 18.127.2 ± 8.7
fru3(3)35.0 ± 7.454.0 ± 13.021.4 ± 4.3
fru4(2)29.8 ± 7.362.8 ± 9.319.0 ± 1.5
frusat(3)52.2 ± 7.7103.2 ± 12.132.0 ± 1.5
  • Numbers ± SEMs are averages for neurons that were labeled with the S1 probe (see materials and methods) in CNS regions of Canton-S wild-type (WT) and fru-mutant males and females. The neuronal groups indicated are those described in the text (see also Figure 5, A and B). Neurons that are part of the three groups in the anterior protocerebrum (groups 3–5) were counted as a single group. In females, neuronal groups in the brain were counted, because the male-specific groups 7 and 9 are not present. For all genotypes except fru1 and frusat females, neurons were heavily labeled with the S1 probe and, thus, were distinguishable from neighboring unlabeled neurons. In fru1 and frusat females, many neurons were labeled heavily; a new class of moderately and lightly labeled neurons that were not found in animals of any other genotype were also detected. For this analysis, only the heavily labeled neurons were counted. From the statistical analyses, all comparisons of mean values were not significant.