Yeast strains

NameRelevant genotype or descriptionSource
GRF167MATα his3-Δ200 ura3-167Boeke et al. (1985)
JC364GRF167 leu2::hisG Ty1-270mhis3-AI Ty1-588neo Ty1-146[tyb1::lacZ]Lee et al. (1998)
DG1141GRF167 Ty1-242mhis3-AICurcio and Garfinkel (1991)
DG1181DG1141 rad2Δ::URA3This work
DG1520JC364 rad52::hisG-URA3-hisGLee et al. (1998)
DG1644JC364 rad1::LEU2This work
DG1670JC364 msh2::hisG-URA3-hisGThis work
yAR291JC364 rad50::hisG-URA3-hisGThis work
yAR292JC364 rad54::LEU2This work
yAR294JC364 rad57::LEU2This work
yAR306JC364 rad51::LEU2This work
yAR314Temperature-sensitive, His+ papillating spores from cross between JC364 and GRY645This work
yAR348Temperature-sensitive spores from two successive backcrosses of yAR314 and JC364This work
GRY645MATα can1 his3-Δ200 leu2-Δ1 trp1-Δ1 tyr7-1 ura3-52 cdc9tsJ. Strathern