pSLH149msh2::hisG-URA3-hisG disruption plasmidS. Holbeck
pL962rad1::LEU2 disruption plasmidR. Keil
pKM155rad2Δ::URA3 disruption plasmidD. Higgins and K. Madula
pNKY83rad50::hisG-URA3-hisG disruption plasmidAlani et al. (1989)
pBDG542rad52::hisG-URA3-hisG disruption plasmidCurcio and Garfinkel (1994)
pAM28rad51::LEU2 disruption plasmidM. Aker
pSM31rad54::LEU2 disruption plasmidD. Schild
pSTL11rad55::LEU2 disruption plasmidLovett and Mortimer (1987)
pSM51rad57::LEU2 disruption plasmidD. Schild
pMB38::9mer-WT+ 1 frameshifting between TyA and TyBBelcourt and Farabaugh (1990)
pMB38::9mer-FusionTyA1 and TyB1 fused in frameBelcourt and Farabaugh (1990)
pBDG689-ACT13.5-kb BamHI-EcoRI fragment of ACT1 in pBSLee et al. (1998)
pBDG456-Ty11.4-kb HpaI-Sa1I fragment of Ty1-H3 in pSP71Curcio et al. (1990)
pBJC42-his3AIhis3-AI gene in pCLA12HIS3Curcio and Garfinkel (1991)