Estimates of the average degree of dominance, Embedded Image , after excluding low fitness inbred lines from the regressions, and estimates of the deleterious genomic mutation rate, U, for alleles affecting fitness components and cumulative measures of fitness

TraitEmbedded Image SEU (using Embedded Image )U (using Embedded Image )
Proportion of germination0.0740.0710.0690.016
Number of flowers0.0500.0740.0200.018
Viable pollen per flower0.2060.0520.0700.234
Fraction of viable pollen0.1390.0680.0280.075
Pollen grains per flower0.1200.0610.0560.055
Ovules per flower0.1930.0660.1620.183
Germination to viable pollen0.2190.0640.1290.424
Germination to ovules0.1050.0670.1730.119
Germination to total gametes0.0950.0690.1820.115