The estimated degree of inbreeding among the inbred lines obtained from genotypic data for two microsatellite loci

LocusNnaHexpHobsF (SE)
AAT965180.9270.0150.983 (0.016)
AAT35670180.8270.0570.931 (0.029)
Average0.8660.0290.971 (0.014)
  • Presented for each marker are the number of individuals genotyped, N, the number of alleles found, na, the heterozygosity expected with random mating, Hexp, the observed heterozygosity, Hobs, and the estimated inbreeding coefficient, F, with its standard error. The inbreeding coefficient expected after six generations of self-fertilization if Fexp = 1 – (1/2)6 ≈ 0.984.