Modification of six P elements with ARMover and ARMunder wing and eye phenotypes

Wing interactionsEye interactions
P element identifiedARMover (UAS-Arm2, en-GAL4)ARMunder10 (UAS-CADHintral 10, en-GAL)ARMover18(GMR-GAL4; UAS-Amt18)ARMunder4/5CADHintra4/5, GMR-GAL4)Gene
  • Six P-induced mutations were found to modify the ARMover and ARMunder wing phenotypes in a dominant manner. Like zw3, all six enhance ARMover and suppress ARMunder, indicating that they act as negative regulators of ARM activity. In all cases a complete wing blade was restored in the ARMunder background, hence the “−−” rating. All mutants suppressed the stronger ARMunder phenotype to various extents (not shown). In the eye. interactions with ARMunder were also strong and of the same sign as those in the wing. In both the eye and the wing, enhancement of the ARMover phenotype was slightly more varied as indicated. DNA flanking each P element was obtained using plasmid rescue and sequenced. The identity of two genes has been determined, while the molecular nature of the other four is unknown.