Some cell deaths occur in ced-3 mutants

Average no. of head corpsesbNo. animalsa with:
Genotype0 corpses1 corpse2 corpses3 corpses>3 corpses
ced-1 (e1735)27.1 ± 3.8000050
ced-1(e1735); ced-3(n2427)c18.1 ± 3.7000050
ced-1(e1735); ced-3(n1040)7.0 ± 2.7011444
ced-1(e1735); ced-3(n1129)3.9 ± 1.50271328
ced-1(e1735); ced-3(n717)d1.0 ± 0.814241020
ced-1(e1735); ced-3(n2452)0.7 ± 0.92518430
ced-1(e1735); ced-3(n718)0.5 ± 0.73312410
  • a Fifty animals were scored for each genotype.

  • b Corpses were counted in the heads of L1 larvae with four cells in the gonad. Numbers indicate average number of head corpses ±SD.

  • c Strain also contained the unc-30(e191) allele.

  • d Strain also contained the unc-31(e928) allele.