Comparison of recovery rates of phenotypic (mutant) and linked RAPD markers among F2 hybrid males

Cross (male × female)F2mF2+% mRAPD marker% vit
st318 × R16A79965255N16-0.8960
or123 × R16A94166459320-2.1f58
bk424 × R16A45915375N16-0.2880
  • Males of three different N. vitripennis strains carrying phenotypic markers (st 318, or 123, and bk 424) were crossed with the N. giraulti strain R16A. The frequency of phenotypes (F2+, wild type; F2m, mutant) of F2 haploid males and the corresponding frequency of tightly linked RAPD markers are shown. The RAPD and mutant marker frequencies were determined from separate crossing populations and therefore are independent samples.