Variation among lines in mean trait values

LineProvided byTestis length (mm)Cyst length (mm)aTibia length (mm)Sex comb tooth numberPosterior lobe area (×10−3 mm2)adjPC1b
D. simulans
simiso 1A. G. Clark1.221.060.4619.6012.17−1.09
simiso 4A. G. Clark1.391.050.48410.8914.31−0.85
simiso 21A. G. Clark1.181.090.4659.4011.48−0.91
sim 130DSCU1.291.040.47310.1512.78−1.06
sim 131DSCU1.291.100.46110.4512.48−0.66
sim 132cDSCU1.200.990.42510.3812.80−1.22
sim 134DSCU1.331.070.47110.2012.91−0.87
sim 135DSCU1.231.090.44910.659.78−1.01
sim 145DSCU1.191.120.47511.8511.59−0.96
SI-14E. Nevo1.231.070.47410.1012.82−1.03
Species mean1.261.070.46410.3712.31−0.97
Among line SD0.070.040.0170.691.190.15
D. sechellia
sec 1NDSRC1.721.400.49212.585.330.43
sec 7NDSRC1.761.670.46710.785.640.61
sec 8NDSRC1.731.650.45511.224.651.13
sec 12NDSRC1.951.490.48311.565.351.33
sec 15NDSRC1.921.110.48912.807.031.03
sec 19NDSRC1.711.600.49611.836.541.23
sec 3588NDSRC1.651.620.48610.404.910.89
sec S-9cJ. Roote1.891.520.49412.446.401.28
sec S-32J. Roote1.981.660.47111.105.470.74
JDsecJ. David1.561.420.48112.145.700.77
Species mean1.791.510.48111.695.700.94
Among line SD0.140.170.0130.810.750.30
  • For each line, 10 individuals were examined, except for sec 1 and JDsec, where 6 and 7 flies were used, respectively, and sim 132 and sec S-9 where 25 flies were used; in some cases loss of trait information occurred due to damage during dissection. DSCU, Drosophila Stock Centre, University of Umeå, Umeå, Sweden; NDSRC, The National Drosophila Species Resource Center, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

  • a Two cysts were measured for each individual.

  • b From a principal components analysis using pooled data from these 20 lines.

  • c These two lines were used in the QTL mapping experiment.