Correlations among phenotypes

Survival in liquidSurvival on agarBag in liquidBag on agarDesiccationTotal fertility 1Total fertility 2AlphaFraction earlyEarly fertilityLate fertility
Survival on agar0.02
Bag in liquid−0.65**0.23
Bag on agar−0.29*−0.100.16
Total fertility 1−0.05−0.02−0.040.14−0.06
Total fertility 20.02−0.11−0.100.20−0.050.82**
Fraction early0.180.10−0.18−0.10−0.04−0.02−0.06−0.22*
Early fertility0.06−0.12−0.150.15−0.100.78**0.93**−0.77**0.27*
Late fertility−0.04−0.08−0.020.22*0.020.71**0.88**−0.56**−0.46**0.65**
Population growtha0.05−0.10−0.130.11−0.070.77**0.92**−0.78**0.25*0.99**0.64**
  • “Survival in liquid,” “bag in liquid,” and “total fertility 1” are all from Shook et al. (1996); “total fertility 2” and all other traits are from this article. *P ⩽ 0.05; **P ⩽ 0.01.

  • a Population growth is a derived, rather than measured, trait.