QTL locations and effects

QTLPopulationEffectaInterpretationbCandidate genesc
1 Bn(1A–C)C1, HST+AB♀, −AB♂, +ST♀, +ST♀R, CRPAchaete-scute complex (1B)
2 Bn(2A)C1, HST−AB♂, −AB♀, −ST♂, −ST♀RL Bn(2A), CRL-P
3 Bn(2B, 2C)C1, LST−AB♂, − AB♀, −ST♂, −ST♀R, CRPshaggy (3B), Notch (3C)
4 Bn(10B–D)C1, HST+AB♂, +ST♂R, CRP
5 Bn(61A, 62D)C3, HAB+ST♂USextramacrochaetae (61C), rhomboid (62A)
C3, HST+ST♂, +ST♀R
C3, LAB+AB♀, −ST♂RL Bn(64B), CRL Bn(64B)
6 Bn(64B)C3, LAB−AB♀,Rpavarotti (64B)
7 Bn(64E, 65D)C3, LAB− ST♀CRL Bn(64B)scratch (64D), melted (65E), que mao (65F)
8 Bn(66C)C3, LAB+AB♀RL Bn(64B)pebble (66B), hairy (66D)
9 Bn(67A)C3, LST−ST♂, −ST♀Rabdominal (66C–67A)
10 Bn(67A-E)C3, LAB+AB♂RL Bn(72E)astray (67B)
11 Bn(67E, 69F)C3, HST+ST♀R
12 Bn(68C)C3, LAB+ST♂, +ST♀CRL Bn(72E)cyclin A (68E), polychaetoid (69C–70A)
13 Bn(70E)C3, LST+AB♂, −ST♂, −ST♀R, CRPtartan (70A), Bearded (71A)
14 Bn(72E)C3, LAB−AB♂, − AB♀R
15 Bn(77B, 84B)C3, LAB−ST♂, −ST♀CRL Bn(72E)P(3)78A, P(3)79D, Malformed abdomen (84B), Sex-combs-reduced (84B); missensed (84D), atonal, hearty (84F)
16 Bn(86B)C3, LST+AB♂, −ST♂, −ST♀R, CRPdorsotonals (86C)
17 Bn(86D)C3, HAB+AB♂Rprospero (86E)
18 Bn(88E, 89A)C3, LST−AB♀CRL Bn(86B), Bn(91F)
C3, HAB−ST♂CRL Bn(86D)
19 Bn(89E-F)C3, LST−AB♂, − AB♀CRL Bn(86B), Bn(91F)abdominal A, Abdominal B (89E)
C3, HAB− ST♀CRL Bn(86D)couch potato (90DE)
20 Bn(91B)C3, HST− ST♀RL Bn(94EF, 97C)P(3)91A
21 Bn(91F)C3, LST− ST♀RP(3)91F
22 Bn(92C)C3, LAB−AB♂, − AB♀RDelta (92A), bonus (92E), Hairless (92F)
23 Bn(93D)C3, HST+AB♂CRL Bn(94EF, 97C)P(3)93B
24 Bn(94B)C3, HAB+AB♂, +AB♀R
25 Bn(94EF, 97C)C3, HST+ ST♀Rpointed (94E), Enhancer-of-split (96F), P(3)97C
C3, LST+AB♂CRL Bn(91F)
26 Bn(98E)C3, HAB+AB♂RP(3)98DF, string (99A)
  • a QTL are listed as having significant effects in one sex only if the peak LR statistic reached formal significance in that sex but not the other. From Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, it can be seen that there was often, but not always, an accompanying nonsignificant peak in the likelihood profile of the other sex. The significance of sex-specific effects cannot at present be tested using composite interval mapping.

  • b R, direct response to selection; RL, selection response due to linkage; CRP, pleiotropic correlated response; CRL, correlated response due to linkage; US, unselected.

  • c Sources for candidate genes are Lindsley and Zimm (1992), Jan and Jan (1993), and Salzberg et al. (1997). P(3) insertional mutations with adult bristle number phenotypes are from Lyman et al. (1996).