TaqMan quantitative PCR mapping of the swa, Dspt6, and Dspt4 copy number in different Drosophila

A. FlyDspt6/Dspt4Conclusion
Wild-type female1.1Normal
1:1 dilution1.0
1:2 dilution1.1
1:4 dilution1.2
Wild-type male0.5Normal
1:1 dilution0.5
1:2 dilution0.5
1:4 dilution0.6
B. FlyDspt4/swaConclusion
Df(1)JF5 female2.0Deletion of swa
1:1 dilution2.1
FM7 male2.1Normal
1:1 dilution2.1
C. FlyDspt6/Dspt4Conclusion
Df(1)JF5 female1.0Normal
1:1 dilution0.9
1:2 dilution1.1
1:4 dilution0.9
Df(1)G4eLH241R female0.8Normal
1:1 dilution0.9
Df(1)N73 female1.2Normal
1:1 dilution1.2
Df(1)5D female0.6Deletion of Dspt6
1:1 dilution0.6
FM6 male0.5Normal
1:1 dilution0.6
FM6/FM6 female1.0Normal
1:1 dilution1.0
D. FlyDspt6/Dspt4Conclusion
Df(2)Dspt4-11 female2.0Deletion of Dspt4
1:1 dilution2.0
Df(2)Dspt4-11 male1.1Deletion of Dspt4
1:1 dilution1.1
Df(2)Dspt4-14 female2.0Deletion of Dspt4
1:1 dilution2.0
Df(2)Dspt4-14 male0.9Deletion of Dspt4
1:1 dilution0.8
  • Four or two twofold dilutions of genomic DNA were analyzed in the experiments.