Data on genetic exchange between arrangements at loci linked to inversions

RegionCytological positionStandard πInverted πInformative polyaFixed: sharedb
In(2L)t breakpointc34A8-90.01220.000912012:1
Adh-S and Adh-dup
(Ivory Coast)e0.0060.005130:11
Fbp2 (Ivory Coast)e30B1-120.00720.0068150:11
In(3L)P breakpointsg63B8-11 and 72E1-20.00600.0003428:0
Est-5 D. pseudoobscurai23 (near SR BP 22)0.01230.0013227:1
rp49 D. subobscurajNear BP of OST/O3+40.00620.0079532:12
  • a The number of polymorphisms in the sample excluding singletons.

  • b The ratio of fixed polymorphisms between arrangements to the number shared between arrangements.

  • c Present study, including insertion-deletion variation, Table 1.

  • d S.-C. Tsuar, unpublished data; the world sample is that of Kreitman (1983).

  • e Data from Bénassi et al. (1993); restriction site data.

  • f Data from Aguadé (1988); restriction site data.

  • g Data from Wesley and Eanes (1994).

  • h Data from Hasson and Eanes (1996).

  • i Data from Rozas and Aguadé (1994).

  • j Data from Babcock and Anderson (1996).