Summary of polymorphism data for the In(2L)t proximal breakpoint

naSCconbθcπTajima's D
Representative sampled141540.00030.01040.01251.00e
Standard alleles111460.00050.01000.01221.07
In(2L)t alleles7120.00110.0009−0.79
  • Ccon θ, π are given per site. In-del variation is included in calculations of θ and π.

  • a Number of alleles sampled.

  • b The population recombination rate for which our haplotype test (see Table 4) P is maximal.

  • c Watterson's (1975) estimate.

  • d Based on 21% In(2L)t frequency. Assuming other compatible In(2L)t frequencies did not significantly change these estimates.

  • e Tajima's test by simulation (see methods); P > 0.10 when C = 0; P = 0.001 when C = Clab.