Marker loci significantly associated with flowering time (days after planting) and plant height (cm) and effect on the traits of an allelic substitution at these loci

IBLIBL × Topas
Marker locusLinkage
Effect of
(days or cm)
Effect of
(days or cm)
Flowering time
    wg6g9aN8    ***1.9[1.6, —0.9]NS
    wg3h8aN9    ****2.3[-1.8, 0.8]NS
    ec2d1bN12****26.0[2.7, 8.3]****12.3[0.7, 1.8]
    wg6e1N15NS***2.7[NS, 0.8]
    tg5b2dun.NS****2.5[-3.8, NS]
    wg6b10a × ec2d1bd****3.8[NS, —3.3]NS
Plant height
    ec2d1bN12****11.30[5.8, 17.7]****5.24.8
  • ** Significance level of 1%; ** significance level of 0.1%; **** significance level of 0.01%. NS, not significant; Sign., significance level of marker locus; —, effect does not apply.

  • a Nomenclature of Parkin et al. (1995)

  • b Percentage of the variance explained by a locus when added last to the model.

  • c R, D, and Tindicate the recurrent parent, donor parent, and Topas alleles at the locus, respectively. RR→DD represents the substitution of the RR genotype by the DD genotype (more details are provided in materials and methods). When effects differed significantly in each background (P < 0.01), estimates of allele substitution are reported in brackets for each background separately, [EstimateMarnoobackground, EstimateWestarbackground]. Otherwise, a pooled estimate is given.

  • d Estimates the interaction as difference between the effect of the joint substitution of alleles at both loci and the sum of the effect of allele substitution at each locus separately.