Centromere detection and spindle length measurements in csp712 mutants

StrainGenotypeTotal number of cells examinedCells in early anaphaseaCell in late anaphasebCells in late anaphase with lagging centromeres
FY1469csp+87440 (5.5)c33 (3.6)c0 (<3.0)d
FY1484csp750730 (5.9)c23 (4.5)c9 (39)d
FY1486csp837526 (6.9)c18 (4.8)c2 (11)d
FY1487csp932317 (5.3)c22 (6.8)c10 (45)d
FY1489csp1032327 (8.4)c20 (6.2)c10 (50)d
FY1490csp1143137 (8.6)c21 (4.9)c8 (38)d
FY1494csp1241821 (5.0)c26 (6.2)c15 (58)d
  • The fraction of abnormal anaphase cells with lagging centromeres was determined using the Zeiss HOME microscope system. Cells were grown in log-phase at 18°, fixed, stained with anti-α-tubulin antibodies and subjected to centromere FISH. Lagging centromeres were defined as one or more centromere FISH signals in the midzone, more than 1.5 μm from one end of a >5 μm spindle.

  • a Sindle length <5 μm.

  • b Spindle length >5 μm.

  • c Percentage of total cells.

  • d Percentage lagging.