The loss rate of the 530-kb nonessential linear minichromosome Ch16 in csp113 mutants at different temperatures

StrainGenotypeCh16 loss (%) 25°Ch16 loss (%) 28°Ch16 loss (%) 32°
FY1471csp12.0, 4.01.8, 3.4Microcolonies
FY1472csp2<0.30.28, 0.531.5, 2.0
FY1474csp30.3, 0.30.80, 1.6Dead
FY1476csp40.89, 3.11.4, 2.7Microcolonies
FY1478csp52.2, 3.29.7, 14.3Dead
FY1480csp6-750.57, 0.970.34, 0.811.0, 3.5
FY1482csp6-952.0, 3.11.5, 3.8Dead
FY1484csp72.3, 10.0NDND
FY1486csp80.93, 3.9NDND
FY1487csp90.19, 0.21NDND
FY1489csp100.76, 11.0NDND
FY1490csp110.39, 2.3NDND
FY1494csp120.89, 2.9NDND
FY1496csp130.91, 1.3, 3.5NDND
  • Cells from white, Ch16-containing colonies (n = 2,3), grown on low adenine plates at 25°, were plated at the temperatures indicated, and the fraction of half-sectored colonies (which represents the loss rate per cell division) was determined. Colonies, 300–1600 in total and from 1 to 55 half-sectored colonies were scored for each sample (ND, not determined).