mc33 hemizygous animals” develop into sterile adults

lir-1(mc33) mcDf3/mcDf1Viable adultsa (%)GFP+dead (%) larvaeaNormal H gonad (%) armbNormal M gonad (%) armbNormal (%) vulvacNormal male (%) tailcNd
B0495 + B0228 + C06A8
mcEx184e901020321451 (25 + 21 + 5)
mcEx185f9643020053 (35 + 16 + 2)
mcEx186g86143031049 (32 + 10 + 7)
F18A1 + B0495 + B0228 + C06A8
mcEx187NANS504419977 (43 + 34)
mcEx188NANS49321458 (37 + 21)
  • a mc33 hemizygous animals were generated as described in materials and methods using myo-3::gfp as a marker to follow transgenic animals. Presumptive lir-1(mc33) mcDf3/mcDfl were recognized on the basis of the Unc phenotype conferred by the linked unc-4(e120) mutation. To calculate the percentages tabulated, we did not take into consideration GFP~ Unc animals. Note that GFP~- and GFP+-arrested larvae did not display hypodermal defects (see Figure 6). In addition to the transgenic lines listed here, we examined another transgenic line obtained with the cosmids B0495 + B0228 + C06A8 and two with the cosmids F18A1 + B0495 + B0228 + C06A8; on the basis of smaller samples (10–15 adults) we found for all three lines that GFP+ Unc animals were sterile and had abnormal gonads. We did not score arrested Unc larvae in the cross-progeny from the lines carrying the cosmid F18A1. NS, not scored; NA, not applicable.

  • b Percentage of normal gonad arms among GFP+ Unc hermaphrodites (H), or of normal gonad arms among GFP+ Unc males (M). Gametes were absent, in reduced number, or very abnormal, in which case they were leading to the production of small early arrested embryos; in addition the germline had a tendency to become vacuolated.

  • c Percentage of GFP+ Unc hermaphrodites with a normal vulva, or of GFP+ Unc males with a normal male tail. The vulva was generally protruding (Pvl) or asymmetric or, occasionally, absent; male tails had missing rays, abnormal fans, and/or protruding spicules.

  • d Total number of GFP+ animals examined with the number of GFP+ hermaphrodites, males, and arrested larvae, respectively, in parentheses.

  • e In addition to GFP+ animals, 79 GFP~-arrested larvae were examined.

  • f In addition to GFP+ animals, 121 GFP~-arrested larvae were examined.

  • g In addition to GFP+ animals, 81 GFP~-arrested larvae were examined.