Sporulation of ume6Δ strains

Relevant genotypeaPlasmid-specified gene productbSporulation (%)c
IME1 RIM11 UME6No plasmid93
ime1ΔRIM11 UME6No plasmid<0.2
IME1 rim11Δ UME6No plasmid<0.2
IME1 RIM11 ume6ΔNo plasmid3.2
ime1Δ RIM11 ume6ΔNo plasmid<0.2
IME1 rim11Δ ume6ΔNo plasmid<0.2
ime1Δ RIM11 ume6ΔVector<0.2
ime1Δ RIM11 ume6ΔIme1Δ68-182p4.9
ime1Δ RIM11 ume6ΔIme1Δ68-182-Q340*p2.4
ime1Δ RIM11 ume6ΔIme1Δ68-182p (low expression)1.3
ime1Δ RIM11 ume6ΔIme1Δ68-182-ala8p<0.2
IME1 rim11Δ ume6ΔRim11-HAp4.8
IME1 rim11Δ ume6ΔRim11-HA-K68Ap<0.2
IME1 rim11Δ ume6ΔRim11-HA-K68Rp<0.2
IME1 rim11Δ ume6ΔRim11-HA-Y199Fp2.1
  • a All strains are a/α diploids and are homozygous for the mutations listed.

  • b Ime1p derivatives were all expressed from the GAL1 promoter. Rim11p derivatives were expressed from the multicopy plasmids pKM116, pKM117, pKM118, and pKM119.

  • c Patches of each strain were incubated on sporulation plates for 3–4 days at 30°. Sporulation was determined through microscopic examination of at least 300 cells from at least three independent transformants or isolates of each genotype. The range of values was within 25% of each mean.