Mammalian red and green pigments

accession no.
Absorption spectra
Pigmentλmax (nm)MethodReference
Cat (P553)AF132040553In vitroThis study
555ERGaGuenther and Zrenner (1993)
Horse (P545)AF132043545In vitroThis study
Deer (P531)AF132041531In vitroThis study
537ERGaJacobs et al. (1994)
Guinea pig (P516)AF132042516In vitroThis study
529ERGaJacobs and Deegan (1994)
Squirrel (P532)AF132044532In vitroThis study
543ERGaBlakeslee et al. (1988)
Goat (P553)U67999553In vitroRadlwimmer and Yokoyama (1997)
553ERGaJacobs et al. (1998)
Rabbit (P509)AF054235509In vitroRadlwimmer and Yokoyama (1998)
523ERGaNuboer et al. (1983)
Mouse (P508)AF011389508In vitroSun et al. (1997)
510ERGaJacobs et al. (1991)
Rat (P509)AF054241509In vitroRadlwimmer and Yokoyama (1998)
510ERGaJacobs et al. (1991)
Dolphin (P524)AF055457524In vitroFasick et al. (1998)
Human (P530)K03490530In vitroOprian et al. (1991)
531MSPbBowmaker (1990)
Human (P552)M13300c552In vitroMerbs and Nathans (1992)
Human (P560)M13300560In vitroOprian et al. (1991)
564MSPbBowmaker (1990)
  • a Flicker photometric electroretinogram.

  • b Microspectrophotometry.

  • c See also Winderickx et al. (1992).