Average levels of sequence variation compared between D. pseudoobscura and D. melanogaster

D. melanogasteraD. pseudoobscurab
Total sites
    Average θ0.00520.0078
    Range θ0.0004-0.01010.0036-0.0167
    Average π0.00460.0069
    Range π0.0001-0.00840.0022-0.0148
Synonymous sites
    Average θ0.00770.0223
    Range θ0-0.02040.0069-0.0483
    Average π0.00840.0205
    Range π0-0.02430.0049-0.0456
  • a Data for total sites are from Kindahl (1994).

  • Data for synonymous sites are from superoxide dismutase (Hudson etal. 1994); transformer (Walthour and Schaeffer 1994); Mlc1 (Leicht etal. 1995); Gld(Hamblinand Aquadro 1997); larval cuticle protein Ψ (Pritchard and Schaeffer 1997); Acp26Aa and Acp26Ab (Aguade etal. 1992); triose phosphate isomerase (Hasson et al. 1998); and rosy, esterase 6, ornithine dehydrogenase, larval serum protein 1-γ (all unpublished data from V. L. Bauer and C. F. Aquadro).

  • b Data for both total and synonymous sites are from this study and Schaeffer and Miller (1992a).