BLASTX matches in the argDF region

Gene product/
Organism matchaPolypeptide
Amino acid
identityc (%)
Amino acid
positivesd (%)
valuee (E)
argDN-Acetylornithine aminotransferaseMethanococcus jannaschii398172/377 (45)230/377 (60)3e-85
argFOrnithine carbamoyltransferaseArchaeoglobus fulgidus307140/307 (45)192/307 (61)4e-71
orf68UnknownMethylobacterium extorquens6826/60 (43)34/60 (56)5e-04
greATranscription elongation factorE. coli15331/92 (33)50/92 (53)4e-04
mutTMismatch repairMethanobacterium thermoautotrophicum13535/97 (36)49/97 (50)1e-04
helORNA helicaseSinorhizobium meliloti821162/405 (40)225/405 (55)3e-67
  • See also Figure 2.

  • a Organism showing the best match to the R. sphaeroides sequence.

  • b The size of the matching polypeptide (amino acid residues) encoded by the gene from the organism showing the best match.

  • c The level of amino acid identity between the R. sphaeroides sequence and the best match in the database; i.e., for argD, the R. sphaeroides sequence aligned with 377 amino acid residues of the best match. Of these residues, 172 were identical. This gives an identity of 45%.

  • d Same as for the previous footnote, but including identical plus similar residues.

  • e The probability of getting a match with a similar score by chance.