Database matches obtained with DNA sequences flanking the site of transposon insertion

BLASTX matches
Parent strainSubcloneInsert size (kb)aGW25bT3bT7b
CM01pCM013.8 (7.1)trpEtrpDTn5
CM02pCM0214.3 (17.4)trpDvalScTn5
CM03pCM036.7 (10.0)ybaUtrpDTn5
CM04pCM047.7 (11.0)argFTn5No match
CM05pCM0513.2 (16.5)ybaUTn5No match
CM06pCM063.7 (7.0)trpBTn5rpsA1
  • a Two numbers are given for each insert size. The first number is the estimated size of cloned R. sphaeroides DNA. The numbers in parentheses are the total sizes of the cloned genomic EcoRI fragments. This size is the sum of the R. sphaeroides DNA plus 3.3 kb of Tn5 (Tpr) DNA, which facilitated cloning.

  • b The primer used for sequencing.

  • c The gene valS encodes valyl-tRNA synthetase.