Sites of Tn5 or Ω Sm/Sp insertion

StrainGeneaCodonsbSite of insertion within genec
CM01trpE503Tn5 insertion between codons 253 P and 254 S
CM02trpD338Tn5 disruption of codon 321 S
CM03ybaU621Tn5 disruption of codon 6 S
CM05ybaU621Tn5 insertion between codons 238 T and 239 Y
CM06trpB409Tn5 disruption of codon 91 L
CM08aroR148Ω Sm/Sp disruption of codon 47 P
CM09trpA263Ω Sm/Sp disruption of codon 164 P
CM11trpE503Ω Sm/Sp insertion between codons 171 E and 172 V
CM12trpG195Ω Sm/Sp disruption of codon 43 H
  • a The gene containing the insertion.

  • b The number of codons, excluding the termination codon, which comprise the gene.

  • c The position of the Tn5 or Ω Sm/Sp cartridge insertion within the gene by codon location. The letter that follows the number indicates the amino acid residue(s) disrupted by the insertion (single-letter code).