Yeast strains

DT47.1dMATα cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3::HIS3 lys2 leu2 his3
DT60.3aMATa cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3 lys2 leu2 his3 ade2-1
DT61MATα GPA1-3′::TRP1 cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3lys2leu2his3
DT62MATα GPA1-3′::LEU2cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3 lys2leu2his3
DT63MATa GPA1-3′::TRP1 ADE2::SCR cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3 lys2 leu2 ade2-1 his3
DT65MATa GPA1-3′::TRP1 ADE2::SCR cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3::HIS3lys2leu2 ade2-1 his3
DT66MATa GPA1-3′::TRP1 spo13::LYS2ADE2::SCR cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3::HIS3 lys2 leu2 ade2-1 his3
DT64MATa GPA1-3′::LEU2ADE2::HHcup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3 lys2 leu2 ade2-1 his3
DT67MATa GPA1-3′::LEU2 spo13::LYS2 ADE2::HH cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3 ly2 leu2 ade2-1 his3
Z140-51cEmbedded Image
DT68Embedded Image
DT69Embedded Image
DT70Embedded Image
DT71Embedded Image
DT83DT71, except red1::ADE2
DT84DT71, except red1::TN+62
DT84DT71, except red1::TN+143
DT86DT71, except red1::TN+411
DT87DT71, except red1::TN+621
DT88DT71, except red1::TN+955
DT89DT71, except red1::TN+1293
DT91DT71, except red1::TN+2075
DT92DT71 except, red1::TN+2174
DT93DT71, except mek1::TN+944
DT115DT71, except rad24Δ
DT94DT71, except rad24:: TN+342
DT95DT71, except rad24:: TN+385
DT90DT71, except rad24:: TN+509
DT96DT71, except rad24:: TN+585
DT97DT71, except rad24::TN+614
DT98DT71, except rad24:: TN+625
DT99DT71, except rad24:: TN+801
DT100DT71, except rad24:: TN+1346
DT101DT71, except mec3:: TN+1153
DT114DT71, except rad17Δ
DT117DT71, except mec1-1
DT113DT71, except hop1::LEU2
DT116DT71, except dmc1Δ
DT118DT71, except rad24Δ red1::ADE2
DT120DT71, except dmc1Δ red1::ADE2
DT122DT71, except spo11Δ red1::ADE2
DT121DT71, except spo11Δ rad24Δ
DT102DT71, except inp52::TN+277
DT103DT71, except ubr1::TN+330
DT119DT71, except ubr1Δ
DT104DT71, except pet122::TN+593
DT105DT71, except yml128c::TN+1531
DT106DT71, except ydr205w:: TN+1255
DT107DT71, except yll067c::TN+1891
DT108DT71, except ylr219w::TN+751
DT109DT71, except ynl230c:: TN>216
DT110DT71, except yor354c::TN+1608
DT111DT71, except ypl108w::TN-25
DT112DT71, except mnr2::TN+1766
DT72MATα GPA1-3′::TRP1 spo13::LYS2ADE2::SCR cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3::HIS3 lys2 leu2 ade2 his3 sir3
DT78MATα GPA1-3′::ARG4 ADE2::HH cup1::ura3::THR1 trp1 ura3::HIS3lys2leu2 ade2his3
DT124DT71, except ydr205w::LEU2
DT125DT71, except yml128c::LEU2
DT126DT71, except ylr219w::LEU2
DT127DT71, except inp52::LEU2
DT154Embedded Image
DT155DT154, except homozygous red1::TN+621
DT156DT154, except homozygous mek1::TN+944
DT157DT154, except homozygous rad24::TN+801
DT158DT154, except homozygous mec3::TN+1153
  • a All strains were constructed by the authors, except Z140-51c (Maloney and Fogel 1980).