Genetic mapping and complementation tests of mutations

egl-5egl-5(sy279)/ egl-5(n945); unc-24/+; him-5sy279 fails to complement n945 (Egl, Mab)b
sem-4sem-4(sa416)/unc-74 dpy-5; him-5Unc non-Dpyunc-74 (9) sem-4 (0) dpy-5
Dpy non-Uncunc-74 (6) sem-4 (0) dpy-5
sem-4(sa416)/ dpy-5 unc-13; him-5/ +Unc non-Dpydpy-5 (9) sem-4 (0) unc-13
Dpy non-Uncdpy-5 (10) sem-4 (1) unc-13
sem-4(sa416)/ dpy-5 sem-4(n1378); him-5/ +sa416 fails to complement n1378 (Egl, Mab)
lin-49lin-49(sy238)/unc-24 mec-3 dpy-20; him-5Unc non-Dpyunc-24 (15) lin-49 (6) mec-3 (3) dpy-20
Dpy non-Uncunc-24 (4) lin-49 (3) mec-3 (4) dpy-20
lin-49(sy238)/unc-24 fem-3Unc non-Femunc-24 (19) lin-49 (10) fem-3
lin-49(sy238) unc-22/unc-24 mes-6 dpy-20Unc-24 non-Dpyunc-24 (6) mes-6 (0) lin-49 (18) dpy-20
Dpy non-Unc-24unc-24 (13) mes-6 (2) lin-49 (51) dpy-20
unc-24 lin-49(sy238) /eDf18; him-5/ +eDf18 deletes lin-49 (Let)
unc-24 lin-49(sy238)/ eDf19; him-5/ +eDf19 deletes lin-49 (Let)
lin-59lin-59(sa489)/unc-11 dpy-5; him-5Unc non-Dpyunc-11 (0) lin-59 (10) dpy-5
Dpy non-Uncunc-11 (0) lin-59 (5) dpy-5
lin-59(sa489)/egl-30 unc11; him-5/ +Egl non-Uncegl-30 (8) lin-59 (2) unc-11
lin-59(sa489)/mek-2 unc-11; him-5/ +Unc non-Mekmek-2 (7) lin-59 (0) unc-11
lin-59(sa489)/fog-1 unc11; him-5/ +Unc non-Fogfog-1 (8) lin-59 (1) unc-11
lin-59(sa489) unc-11/qDf3; him-5/+qDf3 deletes lin-59 (Let)
mab-9mab-9(sa473) unc-4/mab-9(e1245); him-5sa473 fails to complement e1245 (Mab)
egl-38egl-38(sy294)/ unc-24 dpy-20; him-5/ +Unc non-Dpyunc-24 (6) egl-38 (6) dpy-20
Dpy non-Uncunc-24 (7) egl-38 (4) dpy-20
egl-38(sy294)/ elt-1 dpy-20; him-5/ +Dpy non-Eltelt-1 (7) egl-38 (35) dpy-20
egl-38(sy294)/ unc-24 daf-14; him-5/ +Unc non-Dafunc-24 (50) egl-38 (6) daf-14
egl-38(sy287)/let-312 lin-3; him-5Lin non-Letlet-312 (0) egl-38 (5) lin-3
egl-38(sy294) unc-22 unc-31/elt-1 unc-43non-Elt non-Unc-22(d)elt-1 (14) egl-38 (4) unc-43 (88) unc-22
egl-38(sy294) unc-22 unc-31/unc-24 egl-20 dpy-20Unc-24 non-Dpyunc-24 (23) egl-20 (3) egl-38 (21) dpy-20
Dpy non-Unc-24unc-24 (15) egl-20 (5) egl-38 (19) dpy-20
dpy-13 egl-38(sy294)/eDf18 unc-22; him-5/ +eDf18 does not delete egl-38
egl-38(sy294) unc-22 unc-31/eDf19eDf19 deletes egl-38 (Let)
egl-38(sy294) unc-22 unc-31/dpy-13 mDf7mDf7 deletes egl-38 (Let)
lin-48lin-48(sa469) unc-32/ unc-93 dpy-17; him-5/ +Unc-93 non-Dpyunc-93 (6) lin-48 (2) dpy-17
Dpy non-Unc-93unc-93 (1) lin-48 (3) dpy-17
lin-48(sa469)unc-32/ unc-103 dpy-17; him-5/ +Dpy non-Unc-103unc-103 (0) lin-48 (6) dpy-17
non-Unc-32 non-Unc-103(d)unc-103 (0) lin-48 (7) dpy-17 (18) unc-32
lin-48(sa469) unc-32/yDf10 unc-32; him-5/ +yDf10 deletes lin-48 (Mab)
lin-48(sa469) unc-32/sDf130 unc-32; him-5/ +sDf130 deletes lin-48 (Mab)
lin-48(sa469) unc-32/sDf121 unc-32; him-5/ +sDf121 does not delete lin-48
  • a Alleles are listed in materials and methods.

  • b The phenotypes observed in trans-heterozygotes are listed in parentheses.