Genome rearrangements inferred to have occurred in evolutionary intervals prior to the tetraploidization event in maize

Event designationaEvolutionary internodebChromosomal rearrangementHomeologous rice componentsBreakpoint(s)/fusion point(s) (chromosome location in rice)Resulting genome featureModern maize chromosome affected
P INS-12Centric insertionR10 → R3rz585-isu113/rz585-rz421c(10L), isu33(101)-isu113c(3C)P3 compoundMl, M5, M9
P INS-22InsertionR9 → R7Lcdo59(7L)-uaz200(7L)/cdo59-bcd1087, uaz200(7L)-isu37P7 compoundM2, M7
PM INS-14 or 5Centric insertionR5 → Rl rz995-cdo920/rz995-rz390, isu140-cdo920 PM1 compoundM3, M8
PM INV-14 or 5Pericentric inversionR5rz556(5S)-rz244(5S)/rz556(5S)-TELOMERE(5L)PM1 inversionM3, M8
PM INV-24 or 5Pericentric inversionR6cdo475(6S)-uaz237(6S)/cdo475-TELOMERE(6L)PM6 inversionM6, M9
PM F-l5End-to-end fusionR4S-R11/12LNBP/csu46(4S)-rz261(11/12L)PM4 compoundM2, M10
MDE5PolyploidizationR1-R12Genome duplication to tetraploid levelTetraploid genomeAll
  • a P, Panicoideae genome; PM, progenitor Maydeae; M, maize; MDE, maize duplication event; INS, insertion; INV, inversion; F, fusion; NBP, no breakpoint.

  • b Refer to Figure 4 for numerical designation of evolutionary internodes.