Correlations between the knob index, Ab10, B chromosomes, and altitude

Phylogenetic independent contrastsNonphylogenetic
Pearson correlationSigned-rank test of associationaSpearman correlation
Knob index w/RP (N = 5)DirectionP (N = 374)RP (N = 52)
Ab10 Freq.0.896<0.05+2.6 × 10–70.366<0.01
B Freq.0.051NS+0.520–0.132NS
Altitude–0.796NS2.9 × 10–40.247NS
Ab10 Freq. w/ R P (N = 5)DirectionP (N = 11) R P (N = 52)
B Freq.0.386NS+NS–0.166NS

NS, not significant.

  • a Contrasts in which there was no difference between the independent variables were excluded from this test of association.