New genes

Aac11 (putative apoptosis inhibitor)l(2)k0671036C8-11U83857 (H)
Aats-ile (isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase)l(3)0082779E1-2I59314 (H)
Aats-thr (threonyl-tRNA synthetase)l(2)k0420333C4-5M63180 (H)
Aats-gln (glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase)l(3)0456196C8-9X76013 (H)
Aats-val (glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase)l(2)k1480449F7-8P07806 (S)
AconM (aconitase, mitochondrial)l(2)0705439B1-2J05224 (O)
Adk2 (adenylate kinase 2)l(2)k1612044B5-6D13061 (R)
Aly (transcriptional coactivator)l(3)0226784C1-2U89876 (M)
ATPCL (ATP:citrate lyase)l(2)k0921752D11-12U18197 (H)
Btf (transcription factor)l(2)k1071249D5-6X74070 (H)
Bub1 (spindle-assembly checkpoint kinase)l(2)k0610942A1-2AF002823 (M)AF132565
Cas (CAS/CSE1|segregation protein)l(2)k0390236B1-2U33286 (H)AF132562
Cct5 (T-complex Chaperonin)l(2)0644448E10-11X75777 (A)
Coprox (coproporphyrinogen oxidase)l(2)k1061727C6-8Z28409 (H)
Cops4 (COP9 complex subunit 4)l(2)k0801844A1-2AF071314 (M)
Dcap (adenylyl cyclase-associated protein)l(2)k0061921F1-2M98474 (H)AF132562
Dhap (aldehyde dehydrogenase type II)l(2)0361043D1-2P30838 (H)
Dhh1 (DEAD/DEAH RNA helicase)l(3)rL56267E1-41431254 (H)
DNAprim (DNA primase)l(3)j10B277B6-7D13545 (M)
Dph5 (Diphthamide methyltransferase)l(3)L491094B4-5M83375 (S)
Dmn (dynamitin)l(2)k1610944F3-4U50733 (H)
Eb1 (APC-binding protein)l(2)0452442E1-3U24166 (H)AF132560
Ef1β (elongation factor 1 beta)n(2)k0481053E1-2D13339 (I)
EfTuM (elongation factor Tu mitochondrial)l(3)L456989E7-9X84694 (H)
elF-3 (initiation factor el3 p40 subunit)l(2)k0900325C1-2U54559 (H)
Etf (electron transfer flavoprotein)l(2)0251648C1-2J04058 (H)
Fatp (long chain fatty acid transport protein)l(2)k1030731F4-5P97849 (R)
Fkbp13 (rapamycin-binding protein)l(2)0073457E3-4M77831 (M)AF132555
Fpps (farnesyl pyrophosphate synthetase)l(2)k0610347F1-2X76026 (L)AF132554
Ft1 (related to fused toes 1 protein)ms(2)0570446C1-12S33513 (M)
GlyP (glycogen phosphorylase, brain)l(2)k0791822C1-2U47025 (H)
Hmgs (HMG CoA synthase)l(2)0621453C1-2X96617 (S)
Hrr25 (casein kinase I related)ms(3)0489589B1-221370424 (S)
hsp60B (heat shock protein 60 related)ms(2)0661921D1-4X99341 (E)
Int6 (Int6 homologue)l(3)1054773D1-2L35556 (M)AF132551
JadBp (Jun activation domain binding protein)l(3)L403289D1-2U65928 (H)AF132563
Kary&bgr;3 (karyopherin beta 3)l(3)j3A482D1-2U72761 (H)AF132561
KdelR (KDEL receptor)l(2)k0031131E1-2X63745 (H)AF132559
lolal (resembles Lola-like D. Hydei protein)l(2)k0251255B5-10Y14994 (Y)
MdaPk (myotonic dystrophy associated kinase)l(2)0937360B10-11L19268 (H)
MI02 (inhibits mitosis when overexpressed)v(3)03847100F4-5Q09329 (P)
Mrp17 (mitochondrial ribosomal protein L5/L17)l(3)1053466E2-3X79865 (H)
Msp1 (mitochondrial sorting protein)l(2)0877431D1-21323004 (H)
Neos (neosin)l(3)L224965E10-11X94344 (M)
Nik (Ste20-related kinase)l(3)j1E262E5-8U88984 (M)
Nmt1 (N-myristoyltransferase)l(3)j1C766B10-11U14913 (S)AF132556
Nnp-1 (resembles mouse NNP-1)l(2)k0782634B6-7U79773 (M)
Paf-AH&bgr; (platelet-activating factor fl/LIS1)l(2)k1170252F3-5AF016049 (R)
Pdsw (ubiquinone oxidoreductase cx)l(2)k1010123F3-4X63224 (B)
Phas1 (insulin-stimulated elF-4E binding protein)l(2)k0773623F5-6U75530 (M)AF132557
PpsM (mitochondrial proton/phosphate symporter)l(3)0056470E1-2X60036 (H)
Pros44.5 (p44.5 proteasome subunit)l(2)k0010351C1-2AB003102 (H)
Pros26S (26S proteasome subunit)l(3)0421089A1-2Q63569 (R)
Prp19 (Pre-mRNA splicing factor)l(2)0783855D1-2H35544 (R)
Rab5 (Rab5 homologue)l(2)k0823222E1-2Z27110 (D)
Rfc38 (DNA replication factor, 38k subunit)n(2)k1380732D4-5L07541 (H)
RFeSP (Rieske iron-sulfur protein)l(2)k1170422A3-4M34336 (B)
Rpp30 (RNaseP protein p30)l(2)k0190121B4-6U77665 (H)
RRM domain proteinl(3)0209465A7-9X06347 (H)
sec13 (secretory pathway gene)l(3)0103194F1-2L09260 (H)
Sip1 (SRY interacting protein)l(2)0637354B4-5U82108 (H)
SrpR&bgr; (signal recognition particle receptor fl)l(3)rK56166D10-13U17343 (M)
Srp54 (signal recognition particle 54k)l(3)0141864C9-10X86373 (H)
SsR&bgr; (signal sequence receptor fl)l(3)s193972D8-9X53529 (D)
OstStt3 (Oligosaccharyl transferase)l(3)j2D996B9-10P46975 (C)AF132552
Tap&dgr; (translocon-associated protein)l(2)k1700547F4-9X90582 (M)
Tb11 (beta transducin-like 1 protein)l(2)k1621321C2-3Y12781 (H)
Tom34 (outer mitochondrial 34 kD translocase)l(3)0369284E10-11U58970 (H)
Uch-L3 (ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase related)l(3)j2B867B10-11M30496 (H)AF132567
VhaD (vacuolar H-ATPase subunit D)l(2)k0720752A9-11U11927 (B)
VhaG (vacuolar H-ATPase subunit G)l(3)0511392A13-14Q25532 (N)
Vcp (valosin-containing protein)l(2)0377546D1-2M30143 (O)AF132553
Xe7 (activated lymphocyte surface protein)l(3)0224883B6-7Q02040 (H)
Xbp1 (X box binding protein-1)l(2)k1380357C1-2M31627 (H)
Zfrp8 (zinc finger protein RP-8)l(2)k1370560B11-13U1090 (M)

New Drosophila genes (Gene) orthologous to previously studied genes (Accession) from the indicated species (A, A. sativa; B, B. tarus; C, C. elegans; D, C. lupus; E, D. melanogaster; H, H. sapiens; I, B. mori; M, M. musculans; L, K. lactis; N, Manduca; O, S. scrofa; R, R. norveigicus; S, Saccharomyces cerevisiae; P, S. pombe; Y, D. hydei). In each case, the name of the primary collection strain that disrupts the gene (Strain) and the cytogenetic location of its P-element insertion (Site) is given. Accession numbers for genes whose cDNAs have been completely sequenced by BDGP and deposited in GenBank are also listed (cDNA).