Similarities in noncoding sequences of Ce-her-1 and Cb-her-1

SequenceSpecies, position
GAGTATCTAAGTCTCTTCaC. elegans, upstream (P1 region; -186 to -168)b
GAGTATC .............. CTCTTCC. briggsae, upstream (-110 to -97)b
TTACTGAT|ATCAGTAAcC. elegans, middle of intron 2
AATGTTTC|ATCAGTAAC. briggsae, distal region of intron 2
  • a Underlined nucleotides are those altered in three C. elegans her-1(lf) mutations (Perry et al. 1994).

  • b Positions are indicated in base pairs upstream of the initiator ATG codon (indicated as b in Figure 3A).

  • c Vertical line indicates center of inverted repeat in C. elegans (indicated as d in Figure 3A). See text for further explanation.