Most likely positions for QTL affecting backfat thickness or intramuscular fat content under two genetic models

Founder lines fixed for different QTL allelesNo assumptions about QTL alleles and frequency
ChromosomeMarker bracket
Test statisticRisk levelaMarker bracket
Test statisticRisk levela
Backfat thickness
1Sw1092-S0112 (144)7.700.08c/sSw781-S0313 (70)1.56NS
2Sw1201-S0091 (62)5.880.33c/sS0141-Sw240 (43)2.610.09c/s
6S0003-Sw2419 (189)5.240.42c/sS0220-Sw316 (101)0.82NS
7S0102-Sw175 (75)17.950.0bS0064-S0102-Sw175 (73)3.230.006
Intramuscular fat content
2Swc9-S0141 (19)4.970.61sSw240-Sw1201 (54)1.39NS
4S0001-S0217-S0073 (65)5.150.61sS0227-S0301 (6)2.000.64s
6S0003-Sw2419 (148)6.760.13csS0035-Sw2406 (12)1.74NS
7S0212-Sw764 (147)4.730.69S0212-Sw764 (154)1.970.66s
  • Superscripts c and s denote chromosomewise and suggestive significance, respectively; NS, not significant (not exceeding suggestive or chromosomewise significance).

  • a The genomewise P value.

  • b Test statistic not exceeded during 50,000 permutations.