Yeast strains

Lab name (synonym)GenotypeSource
YA103 (W303-1A)MATa [ade2-1 can1-100 his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3-1]Thomas and Rothstein (1989)
YA104 (W303-1B)MATα [ade2-1 can1-100 his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3-1]Thomas and Rothstein (1989)
Strains derived from W303a
YA145 (Y286)MATα dun1100::HIS3Zhou and Elledge (1993)
YA133 (W839-52)MATa rad52::TRP1R. Rothstein
YA131 (W839-5D)MATa rad1::LEU2R. Rothstein
YA132 (W889)MATα rad9::URA3R. Rothstein
YA154 (W841-11D)MATα rad18::LEU2R. Rothstein
YA156 (YK12a)MATa ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aHuang and Symington (1994)
YA157 (YK12α)MATα ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aHuang and Symington (1994)
YD100MATa dun1100::HIS3 ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aThis study
YD101MATa dun1100::HIS3 ADE2This study
YD102MATa rad52::TRP1 ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aThis study
YD103MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad52::TRP1This study
YD104MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad9::URA3This study
YD105MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad1::LEU2This study
YD106MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad9::URA3 rad52::TRP1This study
YD107MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad18::LEU2This study
YD108MATa rad1::LEU2 ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aThis study
YD110MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad52::TRP1 ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aThis study
YD111MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad1::LEU2 ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aThis study
YD112MATa dun1100::HIS3 rad9::URA3 ade2-n::URA3::ade2-aThis study
YD114MATa ade2-aThis study
YD115MATα ade2-nThis study
YD116MATa/MATα ade2-a/ade2-nThis study
YD117MATa/MATα ade2-a/ade2-n dun1100::HIS3/dun1100::HIS3This study
YD118MATa/MATα ade2-a/ade2-n rad52::TRP1/rd52::TRP1This study
YD119MATa/MATα ade2-a/ade2 dun1100::HIS3/dun1100::HIS3 rad52::TRP1/rad52::TRP1This study
YD120MATa/MATα ade2-a/ade2-n rad1::LEU2/rad1::LEU2This study
YD121MATa/MATα ade2-a/ade2-n dun1100::HIS3/dun1100::HIS3 rad1::LEU2/rad1::LEU2This study
YD122MATa trp1::his33′ his35′ URA3This study
YD123MATa dun1100::his3::URA3This study
YD124MATa dun1100::his3::URA3 trp1::his33′ his35′ URA3This study
  • a Strains listed below are identical to W303-1A or W303-1B genotype except for the markers that are noted.