Characterized mutant alleles of the Nipped locus

Lethal groupaAllelesbLethal phasec
Nipped-A [1(2)41Ah-]222.3, 323, T(2;3)394.2eSecond-third instar molt
226.1f, 357.2Embryo/larval
Nipped-BT(2;3)4, 292.1, T(2;3)359.1, 407Second-third instar molt
Nipped-C [Nipped-A- Nipped-B-]160.1, T(2;3)138.2eSecond-third instar molt
Nipped-D [1(2)41Af- Nipped-A- Nipped-B-]263.3, 341.1Embryo
Nipped-E [1(2)41Ae- 1(2)41Af- Nipped-A-
43,299.1, 338Embryo
  • a 1(2)41Ae, 1(2)41Af, Nipped-A [1(2)41Ah], and Nipped-B complement each other for lethality; Nipped-C alleles fail to complement Nipped-A and Nipped-B; Nipped-D alleles fail to complement 1(2)41Af, Nipped-A, and Nipped-B; Nipped-E alleles fail to complement 1(2)41Ae, 1(2)41Af, Nipped-A, and Nipped-B (see Figure 2).

  • b All alleles were produced by 7-ray mutagenesis unless indicated otherwise.

  • c Lethal phases, determined as described in the text, are those of the homozygous mutants unless indicated otherwise. All heteroallelic combinations of embryonic and larval lethal alleles tested (Nipped-E43/Nipped-C160.1, Nipped-D341.1/Nipped-B407, and Nipped-A222.3/Nipped-E338) are larval lethal. All heteroallelic embryonic lethal combinations tested (Nipped-E43/Nipped-E338, Nipped-E43/Nipped-D341.1, and Nipped-E338/Nipped-D341.1) are embryonic lethal.

  • d EMS-induced alleles provided by A. J. Hilliker (Hilliker 1976).

  • e Determined over the embryonic lethal Nipped-E43 allele.

  • f Lethal over Su(H) null and gain-of-function alleles.

  • g Complements all Nipped-A alleles except T(2;3)394.2 and 222.3; semilethal over 34-12.