Summary of P-element mutant

Ndj in X/XbNdj in X/Bal
LineaGeneX ndj4 ndjX ndj4 ndjCytological
Sequence hitsc
Recombination-defective mutants
Segregation-defective mutants
P39ncd20.965.252.553.699BAQ026211, 153
Axs-like mutants
P19mei-P1901.216.76.788AAQ034055, 127
P21push3., 190
P38mei-P38NDNS9.35.691FAC006091, 165,713d
P40αTub67C1.60.827.619.467CM14646, 2165
X-specific mutants
P14mei-P141.60.415.63.459B4-7AC005650, 46240
P15mei-P150.2017.2066F-67AAA698279, (1)
P23mei-P232., 110
P24Trl3.61.532.22.770FAJ225042, 5685
Mutants with unique phenotypes
P2CycE6., 123
P7CycE1., (490)
P37mei-P371., 87054; V01519, 33
  • ND, not done.

  • a Lines 1-26 were from screen 1; others were from screen 2 (see materials and methods).

  • b Summed percentage progeny from nondisjunction (ndj) and chromosome loss.

  • c GenBank accession number and position of first base pair of 8-bp target sequence for our insertions, based on plasmid rescue sequences. The approximate position is in parentheses where the exact insertion position is unknown.

  • d When this article was submitted, this entry consisted of several unordered contigs. The sequence of the first 30 nucleotides after the P{lacW} in mei-P38, beginning with the 8-bp target sequence, is TGCGGCACGACTGCAAAACGCTTTTGAAAT.