Genes affecting leaf morphology in Arabidopsis thaliana

GeneMolecular nature
of producta
Mutant phenotypeProposed functionReferenceb
ACAULIS1 (ACL1)Small and twisted cauline and rosette leavesInvolved in cell maturation (elongation) in both leaf cells and internodal cellsTsukaya et al. (1993)
ACAULIS2 (ACL2)Leaves with short petioleElongation of internodal cellsTsukaya et al. (1995)
ANGUSTIFOLIA (AN)Narrow and thick leavesRegulation of lateral cell expansionRédei (1962); Tsuge et al. (1996)
ARGONAUTE1 (AGO1)Cytoplasmic proteinNarrow and succulent rosette leavesGeneration of positional information in proliferation processesBohmert et al. (1998)
ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 (AS1)Lobed and slightly asymmetric leavesRédei and Hirono (1964); Tsukaya and Uchimiya (1997)
CUE1Reticulate leavesControl of transcription from light-regulated promotersLi et al. (1995)
CURLY LEAF (CLF)Polycomb-group proteinRosette and cauline leaves curled upRepression of homeotic gene expressionGoodrich et al. (1997); Kim et al. (1998a)
DDM1Rounded rosette leaves; increased number of cauline leavesDNA methylationVongs et al.(1993)
DIMINUTO (DIM)Protein with putative nuclear localization signalsRounded and curly leaves with short petiolesGeneral process of plant cell elongationTakahashi et al. (1995); Kauschmann et al. (1996)
DIFFERENTIAL DEVELOPMENT OF VASCULAR ASSOCIATED CELLS (DOV)Reticulate leavesControl of cell-specific plastid developmentKinsman and Pyke (1998)
HASTY (HST)Juvenile leaves with adaxial and abaxial trichomesRegulation of shoot maturation timingTelfer and Poethig (1998)
PALE CRESS (PAC)Acidic α-helical proteinPale leaves with thin bladeRegulation of light-induced chloroplast and leaf developmentReiter et al. (1994)
POINTED FIRST LEAVES (PFL)Ribosomal protein S18Narrow blade in first leavesTranslation in meristematic tissuesVan Lijsebettens et al. (1994)
REVOLUTA (REV)Long rosette and cauline leavesRegulation of the relative growth of apical and nonapical meristemsTalbert et al. (1995)
ROTUNDIFOLIA3 (ROT3)Cytochrome P-450Rounded leavesRegulation of longitudinal cell expansionTsuge et al. (1996); Kim et al. (1998b)
TOUSLED (TSL)Putative serine/threonine protein kinaseSerrated rosette leaves; curled cauline leavesElement of a signaling or regulatory pathwayRoe et al. (1993)
  • a Unknown, unless otherwise indicated.

  • b Although in some cases several references are relevant, only one or two are quoted for simplicity.